Brotherhood objectives are to foster and further the highest ideals of Judaism.  To promote closer fellowship among its members for religious, educational, and recreational endeavors and to support the FJC in various ways.

    Dr. Alan Bernstein, President


    BUDGET COMMITTEE (Sub-committee of the Finance Committee)

    Responsible for developing the annual budget to be presented and acted upon by the Board of Directors.  This is an important committee requiring financial and board experience.

    Scott Barron, Chair


    BY-LAWS (Ad hoc sub-committee of the Board of Directors)

    Permanent, as required
    Review recommended operating policy and/or bylaws.  Make recommendations for revisions as required for operation of the FJC.



    Permanent, year-round
    Committee in charge of all aspects of running the Falmouth Jewish Cemetery by its bylaws: consists of five members with varying terms (1-5 years).

    Sam Slarskey, Chair



    Permanent year-round
    This is an extremely sensitive year-round group in charge of requests for dues reductions/waivers.



    Permanent year-round
    Committee works in coordination with our caretaker, in charge of all aspects of buildings and grounds maintenance.  Volunteers do a lot of the committee work to reduce costs .

    Barry Balan, Chair



    Permanent year-round
    Steering committee is responsible for the entire financial operations of the FJC.  Makes decisions on investments and financial operation of the FJC.

    Scott Barron, Chair



    Permanent year-round
    This committee works on special events designed to generate income.



    Works along with the facilities committee. Oversees the custodial staff and is responsible for the budget for buildings and grounds maintenance.

    Barry Balan, Chair


    HIGH HOLY DAYS (Sub-committee of Religious Living Committee)

    Seasonal at High Holy Days
    In charge of all non-ritual aspects of the High Holy Days services.


    HINEINU   (“We are here.”)

    Permanent year-round
    Volunteers willing to perform acts of love and kindness for our temple members.

    For instructions on how to create our “Care Wrap”, click here: FJC HINEINU Afghan Project

    Susan Rosenberg, Co-Chair

    Pat Barron, Co-Chair



    Oversees the collection housed in our Righter Library. It is involved with the acquisition of new materials and developing programs for the congregation utilizing materials from the collection.

    Pamela Rothstein, Director of Lifelong Learning, Chair



    Permanent, year-round
    In charge of all aspects of generating new membership, and retention of current membership.  A committee vital to our congregation’s health.

    Harvey Fishman, Chair



    In charge of assembling a new slate of Officers and Board Members for vote at the Annual meeting.



    Permanent, year-round
    The Religious Living Committee concerns itself with all aspects of religious life in the congregation including the nature of our worship experiences, planning for holy day observances, and determining what will be the minhag-the religious customs–of the congregation.  The Committee recommends practices and policies to the FJC Board of Directors, to encourage participation in, enhance and expand the religious and spiritual life of the congregation.

    Sheri O’Malley, Chair



    Permanent year-round
    Works closely with the  Director of Lifelong Learning and the Rabbi, oversees curricular and policy decisions for the congregation’s Religious School programs.



    Affiliated with both the National and Regional Women of Reform Judaism, providing youth camp scholarships, rabbinic student scholarships as well as participating in social action activities. To benefit the Falmouth Jewish Congregation Sisterhood holds a number of fund-raising events each year as well as providing interesting and enjoyable programs including luncheon card parties, fashion shows and speakers on a wide array of subjects. Our members also enjoy the benefits of our monthly activities of Book Club, Rosh Chodesh and Women’s Issues.

    Rachel Smith, President



    Permanent, year-round
    Committed to education, advocacy, and action in response to Judaism’s mandate that we be God’s partners in the mitzvah of tikkun olam–healing a blemished world. The Committee concerns itself with issues on the local, national, and global levels.

    Fran Senner-Hurley & Stan Samuelson,   Co-Chairs

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