• Welcome! We sincerely hope that you can imagine yourself becoming a part of this community….Jewish life on Cape Cod the way you’d hoped it would be!

    The Falmouth Jewish Congregation is a vibrant, egalitarian Reform congregation affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) and served by Rabbi Elias Lieberman and Pamela Rothstein, Director of Lifelong Learning. Its membership represents a diverse, inclusive, participatory community with diverse traditions, practices, and beliefs. All are welcomed with warmth and respect — Jews, interfaith families, and people of all ages, race, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. While varied in background, the congregation is united in a dedication to providing a place that meets the needs of the Jewish community on the Upper Cape and beyond for worship, celebration, lifelong learning and social action. The congregation was founded in 1981.

    The Falmouth Jewish Congregation was formed to meet the needs of the Jewish community and as a means of ensuring the transmission of Judaism to future generations. It is affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism and is guided by the practices of Reform Judaism.

    We promote, among other Jewish values, those of tefillah (prayer), chinuch (education), tzedakah (righteous giving), ahavat Yisrael (love of Israel), ma’asim tovim (good deeds) and ahavat klal Yisrael (love for the Jewish people.)

    The Congregation affirms its commitment to welcome all Jews and their families to membership in the congregation regardless of their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or financial circumstance. Members assume a responsibility to support congregational services and facilities through the payment of dues, fees, and assessments as determined by the Board of Directors.

    A non-Jewish spouse or partner is considered a member and welcome to share in the life of the congregation.

    Financial constraints will not stand in the way of anyone becoming a member of the congregation.

    For further information, to receive a membership packet and application, or to speak with a member of the Membership Committee, please contact the temple office (508-540-0602)or use the contact form on this website.


    Family Membership: The family shall be construed to mean at least two (2) adults living in the same household, or a single adult with his/her dependent(s). At least one adult in the family should profess to be a Jew. Where the spouse/partner of a self-professing Jew is a member of another faith, the Board retains the right to grant that Jew the privilege of Individual membership.

    Individual Membership: A single person over the age of eighteen (18), and as defined by the rules of Family Membership, professing to be a Jew.

    Associate Membership: An individual or family who can demonstrate full membership in another synagogue of any denomination with a dues structure may become an Associate Member of the Falmouth Jewish Congregation.

    New Membership for Individuals and Families with an Adult age 40 or under: Falmouth Jewish Congregation now offers a complimentary first year new membership for individuals and families that include one adult up to and including 40 years of age and who are not members. This means that, for a family or individual membership, one adult must be age 40 or under. Free dues membership excludes Beit Sefer (Religious School) tuition, which is paid separately. Upon reaching the level of full membership dues commitment, the Building Fund assessment assessment would be applied and could be paid upfront or over the course of five years. Dues structure:1st Year - Free; 2nd Year – 1/3 Dues; 3rd Year – 2/3 Dues; 4th Year – Full dues and building fund payment (in full or over the course of five years).

    FJC hopes that this new membership category makes is possible for younger individuals and families to become members of our congregation and to get involved in their Jewish community.

    Member-at-Large: The Member-at-Large membership category will extend, without cost, the full privileges of Membership to the following people and their families:

    (1) Active Duty members of the Military and their family while assigned in the Cape Cod region.

    (1a) If a current member of the congregation is called up to active duty, the individual’s family will have dues and school fees suspended while the individual is on active duty.

    (2) Students engaged in college level study in a Cape Cod regional institution (i.e., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Marine Biological Laboratories).

    (3) Individuals involved in full-time, short-term community service work on the Cape (i.e., AmeriCorps, Teach for America).

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