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  • Maurice Sendak, z”l

    Posted ‍‍יט אייר ה תשעב - May 11, 2012 By in Rabbi's Thoughts, Uncategorized With | Comments Off Sendak (Chelm 4)

    For my birthday this year, one of my children gave me a t-shirt with a wonderful image from In the Night Kitchen, one of the classic children’s books created by the late, great Maurice Sendak, who died this week at the age of 83. I have long-admired Sendak’s artistry, his vision, his strongly-held views on …

  • Peak Experience

    Posted ‍‍יז ניסן ה תשעב - April 9, 2012 By in Rabbi's Thoughts With | Comments Off

    I have never been a mountain climber, but I do know about “peak experiences”. What is a “peak experience”? Wikipedia defines it this way: “‘Peak experience’ is a term used to describe certain transpersonal and ecstatic states, particularly ones tinged with themes of euphoria,  harmonization and  interconnectedness [my emphasis]. Participants characterize these experiences, and the …

  • Seeing the World With Pesach Eyes

    Posted ‍‍יח אדר ב' ה תשעב - March 12, 2012 By in Rabbi's Thoughts, Uncategorized With | Comments Off

    Passover approaches. I lift my eyes to the top shelf of my bookcase, where lie many haggadot, some of them very familiar to me, others with spines unbroken. Each haggadah is a shard of refracted light, a piece of the spectrum of the Passover story that has journeyed through generations of editors, writers and artists, …

  • Remembering Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut (z”l)

    Posted ‍‍כ שבט ה תשעב - February 13, 2012 By in Rabbi's Thoughts With | Comments Off

    On any given Shabbat morning, anywhere from a dozen to three dozen members of this community (and some interested non-members) gather for Torah study. Most do it “religiously”, building it into their weekend schedules as a not-to-be-missed part of their week and/or their experience of Shabbat. I have led Torah study in our congregation for …

  • February is Jewish Disability Awareness Month

    Posted ‍‍יד טבת ה תשעב - January 9, 2012 By in Rabbi's Thoughts With | Comments Off

    My father, Dr. Alfred Toby Lieberman (of blessed memory), was a physician. He was, to be precise, an “otorhinolaryngologist” (a word I learned to pronounce as a very young child)–an “ear, nose and throat” specialist. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati Medical School and went on to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore to pursue …

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