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  • “Who opens the eyes of the blind…”

    Posted ‍‍ח אייר ה תשעח - Apr 23rd, 2018 By in Rabbi's Thoughts With | Comments Off

    Facebook…Google…Twitter…Apple….Amazon… Not a day goes by that any or all of these tech giants are not in the news, often in connection with troubling allegations about their abuse of the trust we place in them when we opt to make use of their sophisticated technologies that, in so many ways, make our lives easier. With …

  • Door #1 or Door #2?

    Posted ‍‍יג אדר ב' ה תשעח - Feb 28th, 2018 By in Rabbi's Thoughts With | Comments Off

    This year the month of March is book-ended by two Jewish holy days: Purim (Feb. 28/March 1) and Passover (Mar. 30 – April 7). The biblical books which explain the origins of both holidays present radically different understanding of the role of human agency in contending with existential threats to the well-being of the Jewish …

  • “Take me out to the ballgame…”

    Posted ‍‍ו שבט ה תשעח - Jan 22nd, 2018 By in Rabbi's Thoughts With | Comments Off

    How do we know that God is a fan of baseball? Because the Torah clearly states that the world was created “In the Big Inning!” If you, too, are a fan of baseball, especially of the variety practiced by the Boston Red Sox, have we got news for you!! Thanks to the generosity of our …

  • Dreaming Dr. King’s Dream

    Posted ‍‍א טבת ה תשעח - Dec 19th, 2017 By in Rabbi's Thoughts With | Comments Off

    On Monday, January 15, No Place For Hate – Falmouth will host its annual breakfast commemorating the birth, and the legacy, of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We will, at that time, honor Scoba Rhodes with the Civic Leadership Award for his decades of committed service to our community in pursuit of social …

  • Let the light of the chanukiah wax strong….

    Posted ‍‍כז חשון ה תשעח - Nov 16th, 2017 By in Rabbi's Thoughts With | Comments Off

    As I write these swords in early November, an unusual bone-chilling, crop-freezing cold front is bearing down on New England. Combined with our recent return to Standard Time, there is no denying that we are beginning our descent into winter in earnest. And that means, of course, our annual encounter with Chanukah. These are, in …

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