Lifelong Learning

  • Simcha Torah

    Congregants can now turn to a single education column or section for news about all educational programming at the Falmouth Jewish Congregation. This change is part of an ongoing effort to inform you of the variety of classes, retreats, trips, special programs, and discussions taking place, and it reflects the growing reality of intergenerational educational programing that we are striving to achieve.

    Certainly, a mainstay of the educational news will be reports on activities in the religious
    School. On the website, visitors will be able to go directly to a subsection on the Religious
    School. Likewise, those interested primarily in adult classes and programs will be able to
    go directly to those subsections. But I hope that the Education column can also provide a
    forum for discussion of topics that concern congregants of all ages. I would encourage
    you to review the month’s activities on the general temple calendar. There you will gain a
    sense of all the educational opportunities at the FJC, or perhaps, you will see gaps that
    you would like to see filled by other types of classes or programs. If so, please speak with
    me or Rabbi Lieberman.



    Pamela Rothstein

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